Hypnobirthing Australia™ is a modern and down to earth independent childbirth program that will give you and your birth companion the tools to have a positive and supportive experience, whatever turn your birth may take. We teach relaxation, breathing, massage, acupressure and self-hypnosis techniques which give you the confidence to allow your body and mind to relax so you can birth your baby gently and without fear. The course includes recent evidence and facts from some of Australia’s leading childbirth experts so you know you’re getting the most up to date information.


Evidence shows that labour progresses well in an undisturbed birth and when we feel safe and supported. In this fast-paced world with our ever-increasing busy lives, we have lost the ability to truly relax and let go. By achieving a deep relaxation during birth, this allows our body's hormones to take over without any resistance letting our natural endorphins to be released for a positive, and often pain free birth experience.


A recent study found that women who had completed an independent childbirth program more than halved the use of epidural analgesia and almost halved the caesarean section rate which is amazing when you consider more than 30% of women use epidural analgesia and the caesarean rate is over 30% in Australia.


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“The knowledge about how to give birth is born within every woman: women do not need to be taught how to give birth but rather to have more trust and faith in their own body knowledge.” – BirthWorks International

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Renee Bradfield, Perth WA

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