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Toree and her husband Cooper attended my group classes earlier in the year. They were lovely! The birth of their first baby didn't go as expected. They felt dis-empowered and as though interventions and procedures were put upon them unnecessarily, resulting in a rather traumatic emergency caesarean birth. This time around, they wanted to be in control, the play an active part in their birth. I could tell Cooper was going to be a great birth support as he was very engaging and wanted Toree to have her VBAC just as much as she did. When I got the text message announcing their little boy's arrival after a positive, empowering vaginal birth. I was over the moon for Toree and Cooper, and even shed a little tear. I am so elated they are willing to share their VBAC birth story with you and some photos from their birth photographer, Emma Connor Photography. From one VBAC Mumma to another - Congratulations Toree, i'm so proud of you xx

"After having an emergency caesarean in 2017, which was very disheartening, I begun researching my options when finding out I was expecting my second child in 2019. After much discussion with my husband, research and persevering with my birthing hospital, we decided that trying for my desired VBAC was officially on the cards! I knew that if I wanted a successful, non-traumatic birth, I needed to have a fantastic support system and more knowledge about VBAC's. I decided to attend Hypnobirthing Australia classes with Renee, who had a similar birth to my first and had her second the way I wanted, so I connected very quickly.

The classes taught me about all of the control I actually held while birthing, all of the factors I could have a choice in, instead of doing EXACTLY what the Drs told me to and finding medical staff that would support my wishes through my birth.

To say I was finally excited to birth my son was an understatement, I was ready no matter the birthing outcome.

On the 10th of March I woke up with strong contractions at 2.45am, I made my way to the shower where I continued to contract nicely and positively. I stayed in the shower until the hot water ran out, then made my way to my exercise ball to keep progressing the contractions and manage the pressure I was feeling.

By 5.30am I knew it was time to head to the hospital to be checked over, with having a large scar on my uterus, from the previous caesarean, I was very cautious and aware of the risks that could occur. We were met with a trained Hypnobirthing Australia Midwife, who hyped both my husband and I up to have the most positive VBAC possible. The Midwife attached the monitors to my belly, to keep an eye on my little boy and ensure I was in labour. After half an hour of monitoring, and a vaginal exam we found out I was 4cm dilated, and waters were still intact. We were moved into the birthing suite which made everything feel so real and exciting!

The Midwife we first met found us another trained Hypnobirthing Australia Midwife to help us with the rest of our journey, she was equally amazing, read our birthing plan and agreed to do everything on there as long as both my baby and I were safe! My husband and I were happy and ready to have this baby!

I continued to chat with the Midwife, my birth photographer and husband during my contractions from 7am until 12pm where the surges became stronger and more difficult to talk through. At this stage my husband began playing the Hypnobirthing Australia tracks for me and doing the light touch massage. I asked for the Midwife to set up the gas and air for me. The Obstetrician came in shortly after and asked if my waters had broken yet, which they had not. I agreed to my waters being broken artificially and a monitor to be attached to my baby's head as his heart rate was not always being picked up with the continual fetal monitoring on my belly. At 12.30pm my waters were broken, which we found out I was 7cm dilated!

With my contractions coming quickly I didn't want to get off the bed, I continued to labour using the gas. At 2pm the doctors came back in, and told us it was time to start pushing, this was so exciting! I was told when I felt the next contraction I need to push, in 2 pushes my little man's head was out, the doctors told me not to push at the next contraction however my body had different ideas and pushed the rest of my baby out, resulting in a 2nd degree tear.

Being able to birth my baby the way I dreamed of was so empowering, especially without the use of drugs. I was so happy."

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