My Positive Caesarean Birth

In my mind I always hoped for a natural unmedicated birth, and when I did the Hypnobirthing course with The Birth Space, I was so motivated by all the amazing "tools" I could use to make the birth of my first son a memorable and happy one!

At 37 weeks, I found out that my baby was breech. My OB told me not to worry and I could try to encourage baby to turn using methods such as acupuncture, moxibustion and as a last resort via ECV (external cephalic version, aka. physically trying to turn the baby). After two failed ECV's I was devastated. My preconception of c-sections were that they were very "surgical", not "natural" and that the environment would be very "sterile" as it would be in an operating theater with many people around me, I was terrified. I contacted Renee and she came to see me to discuss my options.

I was amazed to learn that my c-section birth could be as memorable and amazing as having a natural birth!

At my birth, my OB had the lights dimmed, the atmosphere was quiet, I had headphones in and focused on my breathing while listening to the "Positive Affirmations" track (I didn't even notice the people around me). My husband held my hand and gave me light touch massages and my baby was born to the track "What a Wonderful World" playing on the speaker in the theatre. Having the support of The Birth Space, my wonderful OB, an amazing student midwife and of course my husband gave me the confidence to birth my son in a beautiful, calm and empowering manner.


Image: Bridget Reyes

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Renee Bradfield, Perth WA

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