Should my partner attend Hypnobirthing classes?

One of the most common questions I get from clients before booking their Hypnobirthing Australia course is if their Husband or Partner should be there for the classes. YES!!!! Now this does not have to be your baby daddy, it could be your Mum or your best friend but whoever it is, it’s the person who is whole heartedly going to support YOU during your labour and birth. Why I hear you say? Well first of all, your birth partner needs to understand the birth process. It is NOT like the movies or what you remember from sex-ed at school.

How much does your birth partner know about birth, actual physiological birth?

It’s important your birth partner knows HOW birth works so they know what to expect. Would your partner know the signs of transition and be able to help you accordingly? What are some possible interventions? Why would they be necessary and how to make an informed decision should the need arise. Hypnobirthing Dad Chad says “In my wife’s first labour, I really struggled with seeing her in so much pain. I felt helpless and didn’t know what to do help. Second time around after doing our Hypnobirthing Australia™ class with you, I knew exactly what my role was. I knew what was happening in labour so I wasn’t worried, I was able to help make decisions and keep the environment in the room calm”.

It’s not just hypnosis.

The Hypnobirthing Australia™ program doesn’t just teach self-hypnosis, that’s just one ‘tool’ in your ‘toolbox’ for birth. Your birth partner can actively assist by keeping your birth space calm and relaxed which can help maintain the flow of oxytocin. We teach your birth partner massage, acupressure, breathing, birth affirmations, positions for labour, visualisations and how you both can condition your minds for a positive birth. “It was such a surreal experience. I have never seen my wife experience so much of a physical, mental and emotional demand – but I felt I understood what was happening and why so I was able to support” Hypnobirthing Dad William said.

Birth plans are important.

We encourage discussions on your birth preferences so you and your birth partner are on the same page. Do you want a physiological third stage? Delayed cord clamping? No continual fetal monitoring? Your birth partner to catch your baby? It is important you and your birth partner have discussed these topics so they can advocate for you. You do not want the added pressure or stress of making decisions or reminding your care providers of your wishes during labour – you want all your energy focused on staying relaxed and birthing your baby.

What could be better than having your birth partner there by your side for one of the most amazing, transformative experiences of your life? Your birth partner will feel educated and empowered when because they’ve been so involved in the process.

“I feel like I know my place. I’m not going to be sitting there on the sidelines holding her hand. I feel supported. I am so excited for our baby’s birthing day. This course has been the best thing we have done to prepare for our role are parents”. – Hypnobirthing Dad Jay.

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