What is Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a childbirth process that focuses on preparing parents for a gentle physiological birth. In hypnobirthing classes, you will learn techniques such as deep relaxation, visualisation, affirmation, breathing and self-hypnosis. These are designed to enhance your birth experience. Hypnobirthing encourages a calm, peaceful, and natural pregnancy, birth, and bonding experience for families.

Our course is based on the most recent evidence from leading Researchers, Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Obstetricians and Professors from Australia and the world.

My Partner says it all sounds a bit hippy. How can I convince him otherwise?

Givng birth is a memorable achievement. You will remember your baby's birth day FOREVER. You want to put as much emphasis on your birth as you would when buying a house or car or your wedding. Using Hypnosis during pregnancy and labour isn't new. In fact, many mothers have been using hypnotic tools for decades but were either unaware or were taught under a different name. While the basis of our course includes hypnosis, there are many other tools you will learn to help you during labour including visualisation, massage and acupressure. Your birth partner will leave our course feeling inspired, empowered and ready to support you in labour.

When is the best time to complete the course? What if I've left it too a late?

The optimal time to complete the course is between 20-30 weeks so as to give yourself enough time to practice the techniques you have learnt. However, its also never too late to start preparing for your birth. You will find many benefits no matter how soon your baby may be arriving. By regularly practising the course content, you will be able to release any fears you may have and condition yourself to achieve a deep relaxation to help you achieve a positive, empowering birth

Should my partner attend classes with me?

YES! Your birth partner will play an important role in your birth. The Hypnobirthing Australia™ course will give BOTH of you tools to use. Your birth partner will feel confident and empowered.

Can I still contact you for advice after the course?

Absolutely! I will be available for support right up until the birth of your baby.

My Partner works FIFO and we can't attend your scheduled classes. Can you still help?

Sure. Being a FIFO Wife myself, I understand it can be tricky to organise dates when your partner is home on break. Send me an email and we can chat about alternatives.

What is included in the price?

Along with the course tuition, you will receive;

  1. Hypnobirthing Australia™ course folder with tools and techniques taught in the class
  2. Two Hypnobirthing CD’s (MP3 format)
  3. Birth rehearsal video tutorial
  4. Little Book of Hypnobirthing (E-book)
Plus ongoing support with me right up until your birth.

Is Hypnobirthing suitable if I am planning a VBAC?

Yes! In fact, I myself have had a VBAC so know exactly the emotions you're going through in your journey. This course will absolutely help you try to achieve your vaginal birth. You can also see my top 10 tips for a successful VBAC here.

Can Hypnobirthing still help me if I end up with a caesarean?

Absolutely! I had an emergency caesaerean for my first birth and was able to use the breathing techniques I had learnt while on the operating table. I still use the techniques from time to time when in stressful situations or when I can't get to sleep.

Do I still need to attend my hospital antenatal classes?

That is completely up to you. Our course is much more comprehensive than a standard antenatal class. Most hospital run classes include hospital policies, possible interventions available and analgesia pain relief. While we do touch on these subjects, we talk more about pregnancy, labour and the birth process. How your fears and stresses can have a negative impact on labour and how we can make birth a positive, empowering and exciting event. When I was pregnant with my first child, I only did independent childbirth education and didn't feel the need for hospital antenatal classes after that. I did however attend a free maternity tour at my hospital which I found highly valuable to visualise my birth space.


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